Key Air Conditioning Contractors has continually strived to provide a high-level safety program.  Along with Key Air safety personnel, we have retained the services of Lockton Insurance to help us progressively improve our program.  This teamwork has certainly paid off.  One of the gauges Key Air Conditioning Contractors utilizes in our safety program is our Experience Modifier Rating.  For 2019, our Experience Modifier Rating is .77.  Although this is an excellent rating for our industry, we are continually trying to improve our program. 

Key Air Conditioning Contractors safety program has support from top management, which includes Principal and Vice President Larry Stikeleather as Safety Director.  Larry heads the Safety Committee and reviews all injuries, incidents, and policy changes.  

Our field personnel are instructed to maintain a positive safety culture not only within our company but also with the other team members on the project.  This includes other contractor’s field personnel, office staff or visitors to the job site.  Looking at the overall project and not just the immediate area will provide a safer work environment for the entire team.